Motorcycle Ceramic Protection

ServFaces HSH AL2 Motorcycle Coating
"The new face of coating" 
$500 - $1200

*This service includes our Platinum Wash with the addition of*

•Saddle bag removal (upon request), windshield. (upon request)& seat (upon request).

•Medium - heavy metal polishing to remove surface contaminants an oxidation. To restore or improve metal finish.

•Leather saddles cleaned & Conditioned.(if equipped).

•Full exterior decontamination to remove fallout, over spray, etc and any other harmful environmental contaminants on the surface of the cycle.

•After paint is cleansed, a 2 stage correction is performed to remove any light to heavy paint imperfections and defects to bring out the optimum clarity of painted surface prior to coating.

•Then proper pre prep of all painted and metal  surfaces with prep wipe to remove all oil's and enzyme's to insure a proper bond of protection.

•Now the motorcycle surface is ready for 1 - 3 Layers of ServFaces HSH AL2  which is applied to all body panels to fully protect the surface of the vehicle for up to 3 - 5 YEARS when properly maintained.

•All metal coated with ServFaces Metall ceramic coating for a protection up to 3 - 5 YEARS when properly maintained.